Currently Available Paintings

All of the following abstract paintings are currently available.  Please click on the images below to view the title, medium, dimensions, and price of each painting. If you see a painting that you wish to purchase, please email me at with the name of the peice that you are interested in purchasing and  I will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if your painting is still available.  You will soon be able to buy paintings online after pre-approval by the Artist. Please note that I am now able to provide financing on my larger works via Venmo.  You pay a small amount monthly until the painting, shipping and insurance are paid for and then I will ship it to you asap.  You can also pick up the paintings at my studio in Pittsboro if you are local!

Gallery Shows (March-May 2023):

‘HerStory’ Online Exhibition: Manhattan Arts March 6th through May 6th 2023:

Look for ‘Looking Forward and Back’ by Steevie Parks



Gallerium Online Exhibition: Color

April-May 2023

Look for ‘Bird Talk’ by Steevie Parks (it is actually listed first out of 211 pieces!).

Check this online international exhibit at:





Prints of all of my paintings (both old and new) can be purchased on my Fine Art America website

The prices for my original paintings currently range from 50.00 to 1000.00

All images copyrighted by Steevie Jane Parks.

 There will be no duplication or use unless pre-approved by the Artist.  Prints of these images (and of previously sold works) are available at Fine Art America






Healing 36 x 36 inch Oil Painting 1,000.00
Creativity 36x36 Acrylic 1,000.00
Enough of A Mystery  30x30 inch Acrylic 750.00
Gratitude 36x36 inch Oil Painting 1000.00
Subtle Rainbow with Face 30x30 Inch Oil Painting
Parasol 8x10 inch Watercolor 60.00
Courage 36x36 Inch Oil Painting 1000.00
Resilience 30 x 30 inch Oil  750.00
Compassion 36 x 36 Inch Oil Painting 1,000.00
Grace 36 x 36 Inch Oil. 1,000.00
Gial Sole Del Ganges 24x36 inch Acrylic 650.00
Looking Forward and Back 30x40 Mixed Media Collage 1,000.00
The Light Within  24x36 inch Acrylic 650.00
Dance of the Spider Queen 20 x20  Mixed Media Collage 250.00
Abstract Party by the Sea 30x30 Acrylic 750.00
Bird Talk  18x18inch Acrylic 250.00
'Dare to Fly'  30x30 Acrylic 750.00
Earth Sea Fire Escape 30x30 Inch Acrylic
Textured Mandala 30x30 inch Mixed Media 600.00
Self-Discipline 30 x 30 Inch Oil 600.00
Sea Swirl 24 x 24 Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. 500.00
Subtle Abstract Swirl 24 x 24 Inch Acrylic 450.00
Objects Floating in Space 24x36 inch Watercolor 300.00
Valentine 30x30 Inch Acrylic 600.00
The Birth of A Flower 24x24 inch Acrylic 450.00
Joy Garden 12x12 Acrylic. 100.00
Patchwork 8x8 inch Acrylic 50.00