Currently Available Paintings

All of my current paintings are abstract in nature.   My philosophy about abstract art is that people will see what they need to see in a painting in order to heal emotionally and spiritually.  Each person sees something different that speaks to them in the language of color, symbolic imagery and raw emotion.   I hope that you will enjoy viewing my online gallery.   Please note that when you click on one of the images, another screen will emerge so that you can see the title, medium, dimensions, and sales price of each piece as you go along. If you see a painting that you wish to purchase, please go to the ‘contact’ page and fill out a contact form, along with the name of the painting.  I will get back to you as soon as I can to let you know if your painting is still available.  Please note that I am now able to provide financing on my larger works via Venmo.  You pay a small amount monthly until the painting, shipping and insurance are paid for and then I will ship it to you asap.  You can also pick up the paintings at my studio in Pittsboro if you are local!

Gallery Shows where some of my paintings are currently available:

‘The Smelt Gallery’ in Pittsboro  Feb 2 Through  March 28th  (Group Show through the Chatham Artists Guild). Opening 1-3pm Sunday, February 5th. 212 Lorax Lane in Pittsboro, N.C.

Here is a link to purchase one of my paintings that was recently selected for an online juried show through gallerium:

Link to buy ‘Just Keep Swimming’


Prints of all of my paintings (both old and new) can be purchased on my Fine Art America website

The prices for my paintings currently range from 50.00 to 1000.00

All images copyrighted by Steevie Jane Parks.

 There will be no duplication or use unless pre-approved by the Artist.  Prints of these images (and of previously sold works) are available at Fine Art America






Healing 36 x 36 inch Oil Painting 1,000.00
Gratitude 36 x36 Inch Oil Painting 1,000.00
Enough of A Mystery  30x30 inch Acrylic 750.00
Just Keep Swimming 30x30 800
Creativity 36x36 Acrylic 1,000.00
Rainbow Shades 30 x 30 Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 750.00
Abstract Party by the Sea 36 x36 inch Oil 1,000.00
Grace 36 x 36 Inch Oil. 1,000.00
Compassion 36 x 36 Inch Oil Painting 1,000.00
Resilience 30 x 30 inch Oil  750.00
Gial Sole Del Ganges 24x36 inch Acrylic 650.00
Looking Forward and Back 30x40 Mixed Media Collage 1,000.00
The Light Within  24x36 inch Acrylic 650.00
'Dare to Fly'  30x30 Acrylic 750.00
Self-Discipline 30 x 30 Inch Oil 600.00
Abstract Party by the Sea 30x30 Acrylic 750.00
Sea Swirl 24 x 24 Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. 500.00
Subtle Abstract Swirl 24 x 24 Inch Acrylic 450.00
Objects Floating in Space 24x36 inch Watercolor 300.00
The Birth of A Flower 24x24 inch Acrylic 450.00
Joy Garden 12x12 Acrylic. 100.00
Dance of the Spider Queen 20 x20  Mixed Media Collage 400.00
Generosity 30 x 30 Inch Oil. Sold